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Curs Comuniunea cu Pamantul 06.12.2015


Salutare dragilor .
Vreu sa fac duminica 6 decembrie un proces de corp care va ajuta sa intrati in comuniune cu mama pamant , sa va impamantati , sa aveti usurinta in corp si picioare, ajuta si la cei care au probleme cu picioarele , dureri in picioare, varice . Mai recomand acest proces de corp celor care uita sau pierd lucruri si care sunt aierieni
Puteti sa va faceti voua sau clientilor vostrii.
Cost proces de corp 150 lei ( pret promotional, pentru a aduce o contrubutie Pamantului si noua).
Poate venii oricine , chiar daca a facut sau nu access.
Cine vine?

Locatia :Centrul Healthy Life Cluj

Informatii si programare la telefon 0733930702



Are you aware of the conversation you  
 are having with Nature and Nature is  
 having with you?
Would you like to reconnect with that
 non-stop conversation?

 Are the Body pains you have decided are  
 yours actually the Earth asking for your  
 contribution to it in some way?

 How aware are you of what the Earth is 
 requiring right now?

 How much of that awareness are you  
 hiding because it doesn’t fit in with this  

    of Communion 
        with Earth

Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of the Access Consciousness Hands On Body Processes which will assist in bringing you back into recognizing the amazing capacity of communion we all have with this amazing Planet we live on.

We will be having this class outside (weather permitting). Please bring a blanket and cushion, zero gravity chair, massage couch if you prefer. Whatever is comfortable for you.

If you would like to schedule an event at your studio, farm, home, youth group, knitting group, surf club, you get the idea…anywhere for anyone…please contact me to make arrangemen

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